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Date: 2017-01-11 02:57 am (UTC)
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Cal had been buying his time in London. Word between the Assassins didn't always move as fast as you would think. They had been compromised, beaten down, hunted, and executed. Pointing out the similarities of the Inquisition and the modern times seemed pointless when the mysterious Bishop had contacted him, Moussa and Lin on behalf of the Mentor. They had operated in small cells and did their best to avoid detection. Then Cal and his group had moved in and killed the CEO of Abstergo. The bees nest was kicked and they all knew who to point their fingers to. Cal decided it didn't bother him if they did. He moved in, killed his target, and retrieved the Apple. That was what mattered. Now it was just waiting for someone he would probably never meet to decide what to do with it.

Kept away with the two other Assassins, he hit the streets. He stood across the street and watched. The young woman was being tailed - rather obviously. Someone didn't know what it was like to live on the streets. The woman seemed to know a thing or two, but the other person? Not in the slightest.
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