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Taylor Lin ([personal profile] sharktoothtotem) wrote2017-01-10 02:05 am

(for Cal)

Taylor remembered the bar was owned by another information broker, one with a better reputation than her foster father's. She had been in London Two days to see about a job that had come her way through the pipeline. First she wanted to know a little about the company that had given her the offer. While she didn't trust the people that worked with the man that had raised her (Attempted murder will shatter that trust after all), she knew the broker from the man she thought of as her grandfather. He had yet to point her in the wring direction.

Slipping up to the bar she ordered a beer, one of the local brews, hoping that it was at least halfway decent compared to the crap they tried to serve from the big breweries on America's Mainland. If given a choice she'd down a bottle of Absinthe before that watered down crap. Thinking better of it, she added an order of fries to go with it if only so she looked like she should be there if the beer tasted bad. Her contact had told her he'd be there around seven, which meant she had another ten minutes.

Her eyes fell on the TV above the counter, which had the local news on, she had caught on the news that there had been an explosion a few days ago, apparently the news was telling everyone that they still hadn't caught the person responsible. Shrugging she knew it probably didn't have anything to do with her, so she ignored it.

Glancing towards the door when it opened, careful to not look too obvious about it like her uncle had taught her, she noted the newcomer looked like one of the people that had visited her childhood home.  One of the ones she didn't want to deal with.  Managing to stay calm, she hoped he wouldn't recognize her.  After all none of them had seen her for a few years, and those that had were now at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.  Nursing the beer her eyes scouted the rest of the bar, glad there was a mirror behind the bartenders.  Two more of them were sitting at a far table, talking in a hushed whisper.   Fifteen minutes passed and she didn't see her contact.  

Instead of waiting longer, she moved to leave after paying her tab.  On the street she had gotten half a block towards her hotel when she noticed she was being followed.  Scanning the area quickly she grinned.  People could be a little tricky to work around, but if she could keep up with her uncle in the jungle on a treasure hunt, the streets of London should be a piece of cake.  It was a little more of a free running paradise than some of the ruins she'd been in.  Without giving it a second thought she darted across the street, bouncing off a few parked cars as she went, yeah it would draw attention, especially when she managed to hit one with enough force to activate the car alarm, but by then she was already ducking into an alley.  She had been hoping for a garbage bin or something else to use to hide behind, or to bounce up to a higher point... "I'm not going to quote my uncle so forget it."  She grumbled, to herself knowing exactly what he'd say at a time like this.  Though her hand did close around the shark tooth she wore as a choker.  It wasn't exactly a weapon, but it was sharp enough to cause some damage if they got too close and demanded to know where her foster father was.  For all she knew, the bastard was dead, only three people made it off the island.  

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