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When she heard the footsteps coming into the alley with her she rolled her eyes.

"You know I'm really starting to think that the job's not worth it." She tilted her head slightly, listening carefully.

"You know miss, you shouldn't have run. Your friend did that, he's in the morgue now."

"Which explains why there were a few of you waiting at the pub. You know really pathetic that you guys decide on four of you against one little girl?" She wrapped the strap of the choker around her hand so it wouldn't get lost. The shark's tooth was sharp, not enough to kill with, but she had used it a few times to get out of a tight spot, and security, usually didn't bother asking about it figuring it was just a decorative piece.

The man drew a gun. "Now don't make a scene."

"Isn't it a little late for that? I mean I did vault over a BMW out there, I don't walk out of this alley, cops will be here. London's Big Brother watching mentality and all that." She charged slightly at him, watching him back up unsure about his next move.

The man wasn't so sure about how to deal with a girl that wasn't as meek as she had let on with their tailing her.
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