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Date: 2017-01-17 09:44 am (UTC)
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Taylor was thinking the same thing about the cameras. London had more security cameras than most other cities in the world. And what the fuck was up with the cold rain? There's a reason the Hawaiian born hunter really hated London.

She saw a way into the underground, this time of night it would be a little less crowded, but if she timed things right she wouldn't be down there long. As soon as she was a few steps down to the subway she was already scanning for something to use to divert her followers. There was a reason she kept her jacket after all.

Dumping it as she passed one of the rest rooms, she pushed the door open, her bloody hands leaving marks on the door as she turned the corner, moving to a pillar which she pressed her back against it in such a way that she had clear sight of where she had dropped her jacket, but couldn't be seen.

Her hand went back to her choker, if for nothing else to comfort her. Think Taylor, who's the closest you can get to, if only for an hour or two?

Only people she could think of, weren't even in London at the moment. Cutter and Chloe were in Moscow on a job, and Lara, well she hadn't spoken to the other solo hunter in a while. "Crap." She realized she had just used her uncle's go to curse when things were going sideways.

Taylor needed to get back to her hotel, her bag had a few things that would be useful about now. Like the knife she had left behind only because she knew she would have to go through security areas.

The pair of men that had been following her managed to make their way to the platform. One of them actually went for her jacket, though she lost sight of the other. Damn it. Why couldn't both of them be dumb as bricks. She thought closing her eyes a moment. From where she stood, the toll gates to the platform were twenty yards to her right. Problem was, they were the kind that were hard to jump over, and it would take time she needed to swipe her credit card. Her eyes scouted for a security camera just her luck, one of the only platforms that lacked it.

"She's not in there, she has to be here somewhere." The 'Brick' commented as he walked up to his partner, the voice was nearing her, the pillar blocked her view.
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